Starting a Blog – Just Do It…?

Fingers to keyboard. Take a deep breath. Go.

I have started a blog! I have been debating this for months now and I have come to the conclusion I will never truly be ready. So why not now?

I will never be smart enough. Fit enough. Cool enough. Funny enough. Intellectual enough. Famous enough. Fun enough. But I might as well try.

This blog will be based on fitness, fun, food, life, and anything else that pops into my silly little head. This blog will be a way to share things I am constantly learning in the fitness world. To share imagery of healthy & satisfying foods as well as show the nutritional side of my fitness career and education. To tell of my awesome yet sometimes (let’s be honest) inconsequential life one paragraph at a time. To make you feel inspired, happy, or hopeful. I may bore you at times and I may thrill you on occasion.

So this is my way of jumping in. This is my first post. An honest post. A boring post. But it is A POST. I am proud of that. I am proud of you for reading it.

Bear with me as we grow together. I’m excited… are you?!

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