Psalm 46:10 has a well-known phrase; to “be still and know that I am God.”
Do I really know how to be still? To wait on God?

Over these last 4 weeks of surprises, plot twists, prayers, tears, and more… I’ve found that I don’t really know how to be still. Sure I can sit and pray and meditate and stretch and “be still”. But I’m not truly still. My mind still wanders. I still worry. I look for or think up things to keep me busy, entertained, or even just distracted.

I am far from still.

I want a peace that surpasses understanding. I want to know what stillness feels like. I want to have complete confidence in the Lord that His plans are PERFECT. I cannot rely on my own plans… on my own strength… on my own will.

I am lost. I am humbled. I am scared. I am sad.
God is God.

This is a start to a beautiful time of self-discovery led by God.


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