My Experiences with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

So this post is a bit different from the rest. It’s a sort of outlet for me and update for you….


As some of you may or may not know, about two months ago my life took a drastic and unplanned turn. I all of a sudden developed tinnitus, symptoms of constant vertigo, and hearing loss. At the start, it was manageable. I could still hear through one ear and could walk around while holding on to things or people. Doctors were telling us it was probably a virus and should clear up in a couple of weeks. I felt impatient but relieved that it would go away at some point.

Then I went completely deaf, dizzy, and sometimes blind. Both ears were at 0% hearing and my eyes would flare up to the point of excruciating pain for days at a time. I couldn’t open my eyes or go outside due to being very sensitive to light. All I did for probably a week was sit in my pitch black room with a damp cloth over my eyes and would sometimes muster up the courage to go see yet another doctor who would soon enough turn me away with little to no answers. It seemed hopeless.

While in the midst of it, I would scour the internet for answers, whether through WebMD or other people’s experiences (blogs & forums). I stayed up all night reading because I didn’t know whether my eyes would flare up the next day and I wouldn’t be able to read any more. I wanted answers, comfort, hope… something.

I didn’t find much. WebMD couldn’t diagnose me (surprise, surprise) and the only hope I found in blogs was different ways of handling your hearing loss & tinnitus. Well, most of the other people on blogs & forums were only dealing with one ear while I was completely deaf. So that didn’t provide much comfort or relief to me. I didn’t want to accept my circumstances yet. I didn’t want to stop being hopeful & prayerful for 100% healing. So I stopped reading and started praying.

If you’re reading this and are going through similar circumstances, please know your situation is unique. Do not try to relate everything about your story to my own. You will come up empty-handed. There aren’t many answers for this type of thing so my suggestion would be to stop relying on answers from doctors and other people, and to simply start relying on God. Once I made that switch, everything changed.

My church soon heard the news of my circumstances and rallied around me (sometimes physically, mostly emotionally & spiritually). I felt an overwhelming sense of love, support, and prayers. I often describe my feelings during all of this as in limbo between hopelessness and hopefulness, not knowing what to think or feel or even pray. But these people gave me strength & grace. They pointed my heart to Jesus and trusted He would take care of me.

Like I mentioned, doctors didn’t know what to do. They were stumped. I would get unhelpful comments like, “Huh, I’ve never seen this happen bilaterally (both ears)” or “Well you don’t have a concussion, cancer, or disease so…” I probably got 10 liters of blood taken out at different times to run all different sorts of tests, all coming back negative. I was healthy. So why did this happen? Like I mentioned, once I stopped frantically searching for answers and started relying on God to ‘be still and know’ {Psalm 46:10}, things took a much better turn.

We started to narrow down the plan of action, keeping in mind that God was in the driver’s seat. I receive weekly hearing tests followed by steroidal injections into my middle ear, take oral steroids for the past 30+ days and ongoing, follow naturopath guidelines to take certain supplements and eat a paleo autoimmune diet, and go to an acupuncturist 2-3x per week to re-balance my organs/system.

Since early/mid July, I have gone from 0% hearing to 27% to 48% to 68% in my left ear! The crazy thing is that I was grateful at 27%… and 48%… and now overwhelmed at 68%! I’d like to say I was this same way at 0% (because after all, God IS in control!) but I can’t say I was all that strong.

My right ear was non-responsive for weeks and just recently got 8% in my last hearing test. My dizziness is starting to fade but I also might just be getting used to it. My eyes haven’t flared up for the past two weeks and when I start feeling them, I immediately put a low-dose steroidal drop in them to lower inflammation. Though progress has been slow and steady and this has been one wild ride that I in no way have enough words to explain, God is so good.

I have become so very thankful & grateful for this time to know God more and have Him as one of the only prevalent things in my life. He took me by the hand and told me to follow Him. He told me to stop, pause, and think of Him. He told me to be still. And in that stillness, I grew immensely. I am still learning, growing, and striving for more. My prayer today is that I continue seeing progress but that I also continue residing in Christ and feeling content and ‘still’ with whatever path He has planned for me.

If you have been involved with me throughout this time; have contacted me, prayed for me, thought of me, cried for me, sent me flowers or a card… Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You have played and are still playing a huge part in this for me. ❤


Psalm 46:10 ~ “Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”

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