Overworked & Undervalued

This isn’t millennial entitlement… This isn’t greediness or haughtiness… this is the plain old truth of the American workplace in general. 

So it’s 2017… I went to high school and graduated with nearly a 4.0, received a partial athletic scholarship to Cal Baptist University and graduated from there 3 years later with a BS in Kinesiology. I’m a 22 year-old brunette, hazel-eyed, Jesus-loving, adventure-living woman. I have two amazing parents that allow me to live with them still and am the youngest sibling of a family of 4. My boyfriend even lives in a spare room here because the cost of living in LA is too crazy to even consider (we’re planning on moving somewhere nearby such as Colorado, Washington, Oregon, or the like once we’re married). So hearing all this you probably think I’m pretty privileged, right? You are correct. I am aware I am very privileged and blessed and thankful for everything I’ve been given. But that does not mean I don’t have a voice in this matter… 

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but the workplace in America has been switching from a majority of employees to a majority of independents. There is a HUGE space for entrepreneurial mindsets these days. Those who take their career and income in their own hands and take full responsibility actually are steps ahead of the rest of us. Now, let me state for the record, some people are just not cut out for that kind of work and tend to fail a little over 6 months down the road. So it’s good to be honest with yourself about whether this is something you are wise enough and equipped for. 

IF you are — CONGRATS! You have endless possibilities of growth before you. Your job is to take those opportunities and thrive


Now back to me (haha)… I have been working as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor for about 3 years now. I absolutely LOVE meeting people, learning about where they are in their health and where they want to be, and helping them get there through holistic wellness. Training is not simply exercise to me. It is a way of being allowed into other peoples’ lives and helping them in more ways than just ‘looking hot’.


I have loved this job but I really didn’t love the lifestyle this created for me. 

I didn’t love going to work at 6am and leaving by 8pm, not being able to see the sun rise or the sunset (and if you know me, you know that’s like my favorite thing). I would work up to 10 hours a day and go home absolutely exhausted and burnt out, not be able to spend enough quality time with my friends and family or even time for myself… but have to do it all again the next day. I was capped at a certain income and told I was worth this amount of money no matter the time or effort I put in (made about 25k ANNUALLY). I knew I was worth more. BUT you know, I figured I still have to make money and this is a good enough job and I love my clients so I stuck with it. I didn’t want to be grouped in the ‘entitled millennial’ category (whatever that means).

I recently was told by my employer (after sharing with her my ideas for growth) that I was just too young and inexperienced to be able to get where I wanted. Maybe by the time I was her age I would be successful… But what if I couldn’t accept that? Perhaps I am a bit starry-eyed, but there’s no way I’ll ever let what someone says dim the light in my eyes. 

A pivotal moment in my life was actually recently I went through a huge health crisis. I lost all my hearing, had blurry & red eye issues, and developed vertigo. I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t walk.. I couldn’t work. My life was at a standstill. I had no benefits at my job so for about 3 months I was a sitting duck with little to no income. Thank goodness I was living with my parents or else I’d be drowning in debt by now. 

People kept telling me, “Good will come out of this”. In the midst of it, I had a really hard time believing that. But as I took this ‘paused time’ in my life to learn & grow, over time I realize they were and still are right! I have never been closer to the Lord and sure in the direction He is leading me. At first, I was skeptical and thought these steps into my own business and entrepreneurial world was just selfish ambition. The further I got, the more doors God opened. I am so thankful for this time because it has allowed me to see where


 I really want to be and how I really want to live. I want to continue making a difference in the world of health & wellness WHILE being & staying healthy myself! 

If you don’t know me well or have not heard my story yet… I have just recently launched a business in conjunction with The Healthstyle Emporium – an online program created in order to educate, uplift, and empower women in their health & fitness journey. A happy & healthy, maintainable & sustainable lifestyle for both me AND my clients is everything I’ve always been about. I am also working part-time as a personal trainer (regulating my hours to about 10-15 per week). I am also running a little beach boot camp on the side and lastly am a club and junior high volleyball coach. Along with these jobs, I am pursuing my certification in Precision Nutrition (and some day soon my CSCS) in order to give each client more well-rounded, educationally-backed direction. 

In conclusion, if you couldn’t tell, I’m super excited to be on this new path and can’t wait to continue making steps as a business owner!

If you feel called or lead in any way to step out in faith and pursue the things you want… If you are sick of being told you’re worth this amount of money no matter your time or effort… If you’re being micromanaged by your boss or don’t feel you can grow in your corporate job… If you are financially able to take a little dip in income for a time with the belief that your income can skyrocket in the years to come… If you’re a dreamer, believer, inspirer, hard-worker… I encourage you to take the steps NOW to better your future. Even if that means coming home after your full-time job and writing blog posts in order to get some following & growth. Or watching every webinar in your field of expertise in order to simply learn more. Or stepping outside your comfort zone to network with successful people (*success leaves clues – learn from the who have gone before you). 

You can do this. I believe in you. Now 100% believe in yourself and take a step. 

Like/comment and let us know — What you can do today to better focus your efforts and get one step closer to the life you desire? 

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